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Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Chesapeake Sun

We work on projects that benefit our species three generations from now, on a world as it will be. Our primary focus is agricultural production with a specialty in novel plants and proteins. We affiliate with like minded people and organizations to meet this mission.

Blue Skies

Services (with a train-the-trainer focus)

  • Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

    • Managing marketing, sales, operations, and intelligence teams

      • SEO/SEM 

      • Analytics and metrics - to ensure spend success

      • Digital marketing

      • Social media oversight and management

      • Websites and app oversight and management

    • Proactive talent and vendor recruitment, assessment, and on-boarding

    • Mentoring and coaching of C-Suite talent and other team members

    • Internal EQ/Social Intelligence training  and coaching for C-Suite and staff

    • Innovation campaigns (internal and external)

    • Creating and managing high-level dashboards to measure

      • Sentiment/CX monitoring and response

      • Budget

      • Sales

    • Niche marketing and blue ocean strategies

    • Public opinion shaping initiatives

    • Unique event conceptualization, planning, execution and reviewing result metrics

      • Public

      • Private

    • Change management

    • Strategic planning, implementation, and results review

    • Public speaking training, mentoring, and coaching

  • Fractional Chief Revenue Officer

    • Growth when you need it

    • Focused on organic growth

    • Utilize vast network of connections to amplify revenues

    • Cross selling services to existing clients

    • Strategic alliance management 

    • M&A scouting

    • Business development

      • Oversight

      • Referral channel establishment and nurturing

      • Mentorship

      • Reporting

      • Networking group planning, execution, and reporting

        • Starting new groups

        • Reinvigorating existing groups

        • Scouting and rating groups

    • Sales

      • Lead generation

      • Pipeline management

      • Sales process mapping and management

      • Coaching 

      • Cold calling training

  • Cyber Security Training

    • Right of boom (after a cyber attack) 

    • Preparation for the aftermath of a successful attack

    • Planning, execution, and review

    • Emerging risk management review

    • WISP implementation and training

    • Non-technical Table Top Exercises (TTX) sessions for:

    • General counsels

    • Chief Operating Officers

    • Chief Financial Officers

    • CEOs

    • Board members

    • Investors

  • Strategic retreat facilitation

    • Establishing clear north stars and mission statements

      • All oars in the water pulling in the same direction

      • Provides clarity for organizational decision making at all levels

    • Pre-planning sessions

    • C-Suite and team member coaching

    • Managing break-out groups

    • Review, implementation of findings and tracking of the results

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